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About your photographers

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Dario Leventini, Owner 

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dario, the owner and lead photographer here at f3 Studios. Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time, and has over the years turned into my full-time job! (which i love!)  For me, after I work with each and every single client, I have made a lasting relationship.  Whether it be a family portrait or even a couple's special day, my goal is to document people's lives and give them moments to cherish for years to come.

I love and appreciate all types of photography. But my favorites are the photos that tell a story. I love photo essays.  Something I try to do here and on my blog. After covering a wedding, or any other special event, I show a series of photos from beginning to end. My goal is that they tell the day’s story, how it was from beginning to finish.  I currently work in both the Central Valley as well as San Francisco, Ca with studios in both cities.  I am currently finishing my BFA in Commercial + Editorial Photography. 

I love meeting and working with people.

I love to travel.

I am a foodie. Afterall, I am based in SF!

When I’m not photgraphing people, I am with my friends.

I am very passionate about the wedding industry.

I believe in working hard.

And that convenience comes at a price most of us do not know we are paying everyday.

I love the ocean.

My blog documents my personal journey.

I am a tech junkie.

I still shoot film. 

I am an Instagram addict.  Come follow me!

I love the country.

I have an obsession for moleskine notebooks… but i have never filled one fully.

My office is full of prints. A photo is never safe until printed!

Here is a little bit about me. I thank you for stopping by, and I hope to work with you someday!



Bea Ahbeck, Owner

I love the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time -- how the nervousness is replaced with a beaming smile, maybe a tear or two trickling down his cheek. I love the tender moments shared between two people who have chosen to forever intertwine their lives. Laughter, anticipation, joy, nervousness, romance - I love capturing it all while using my artistic eye to create timeless images for you to always remember your big day and the moments you shared as you embarked on a new life together.


I use my decade-and-a-half of experience as a professional documentary storyteller to capture moments of laughter, tenderness and joy throughout the wedding day. I feel absolutely blessed to have to opportunity to be part of a couple's most special day and create beautiful images they will treasure for a lifetime.


After graduating from the New England School of Photography in 1997 Ahbeck moved to the Bay Area to pursue her photography career. In addition to working as a staff photographer for McClatchy Newspapers, she runs a successful boutique wedding photography business, which serves couples from Yosemite to Napa and beyond. She was recently named on the the Best Wedding Photographers in Central Valley on Junebug, and is featured in their World's Best Wedding Photographers hotlist. She lives in Modesto with her husband and cats.